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How does therapy work?

Many are intimidated by therapy. Yet, Marion intends to be soothing and helpful. Exploring and working through your concerns can help address your deepest fears and most painful experiences. Therapy helps you break old cycles and find new ways to manage your life in more meaningful and satisfying ways.


What can I expect from therapy?

Marion works to provides a safe and non-judgemental environment so you can feel comfortable, secure and understood. With guided expertise, she will help you explore a more productive perspective and gain new solutions so you can grow through the therapy process.


How long does it take?

Marion’s extensive training and practical approach can provide you with immediate help. Clients are often amazed at how quickly they feel relief and a sense of empowerment to make satisfying and lasting changes.


Who attends the sessions?

Those who want their lives to be better. Marion works with individuals, couples and families dealing with a wide range of concerns and issues.


Benefits of Therapy:

  • Improved connection and communication with loved ones.

  • Relief from persistent conflicts.

  • Breaking unproductive patterns. 

  • Healthy couple/family dynamics.

  • Satisfying relationships.

  • Healing painful and sad experiences.

  • Healthier perspective and outlook.

  • Greater joy, harmony and balance.

  • Reaching personal goals.

  • Greater intimacy and trust.

  • Playfulness, spontaneity & flexibility.

  • Confidence to deal with challenges.

  • Creative and lasting solutions.

  • A more fulfilling & satisfying life.


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