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There are times when we all need professional help to work through feelings or issues that arise in our family that become too much for us to handle. I have extensive training and expertise to help you find lasting solutions that strengthen your family's outlook and well-being.


Benefits of Therapy: Relief from persistent conflicts; Breaking unproductive patterns; Healing painful and sad experiences; Healthier perspective and outlook; Greater joy, harmony and balance; Reaching personal goals; Greater intimacy and trust; Playfulness, spontaneity & flexibility; Confidence to deal with challenges; Creative and lasting solutions; Healthy family dynamics; Satisfying relationships; Improved connection and communication with loved ones; A more fullfilling and satisfying life.



Gay Family




Parenting: families who are experiencing growth, change or difficulties in parenting and need extra support and expertise.

i.e. developing parenting skills, new baby or adoption support, unexplained infertility, step parenting, adolescence, family dynamics, etc.



General Dissatisfaction:  families who are experiencing discord and feel an overall sense of dissatisfaction or disconnection in their relationships yet are longing for healing, harmony and connection. 

i.e chronic fighting, anger, abuse, emotional disconnection, separation anxiety, enmeshment, co-dependency, etc.



Family Planning or In Transition:  parents who are considering starting a family, making a major life decision or who are facing a difficult period and need to feel more connected and build resiliency.

i.e a move, new job, blending families, new baby, adoption, life transitions, children entering adolescence, chronic illness, empty nest, death of a loved one, etc.



At An Impasse:  families who are committed to one another but who have had difficulty moving through and recovering from a crisis and need support in doing so.

i.e. divorce, death, tragedy, addiction, infidelity, adolescent difficulties, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, chronic condition, etc.






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