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There are times when we all need professional guidance to work through feelings or issues that become too much for a couple to handle on their own. I have extensive training and expertise to help you find lasting solutions that strengthen your relationship.


Benefits of Therapy: Relief from persistent conflicts; Breaking unproductive patterns; Healing painful and sad experiences; Healthier perspective and outlook; Greater joy, harmony and balance; Reaching personal goals; Greater intimacy and trust; Playfulness, spontaneity & flexibility; Healthier couple dynamic; Confidence to deal with challenges; Creative and lasting solutions; Improved connection and communication; A more fulfilling and satisfying life.



Young Gay Couple

Areas of Practice:


Preventative: couples who are deciding on whether or not to marry or who want to get their marriage off to a solid start.


General Dissatisfaction: couples who are experiencing a lull or long term discord and feel an overall sense of disatisfaction or disconnection in their relationship yet are longing for healing, intimacy and connection.


In Transition: couples who are considering starting a family, making a major life decision or who are facing a difficult period and need to feel more connected and build resiliency.


At An Impasse: couples who are committed to one another but who have been unable to move through a relationship injury and need support in doing so.


Treatment Options:


A Weekly 50-Minute Session: With guided expertise, a couple can work through their negative relationship dynamics that keeps them from feeling emotionally and physically connected. Couples experience greater trust and intimacy as they join together to defeat the obstacles that keep them stuck in these challenging inter-relational patterns. With an open mind and a willingness to create closeness, couples can work through past difficulties and shift to a healthier way of relating that significantly improves their relationship.


A Couple’s Intensive: A similar approach as above but in a condensed format. Designed for those couples who want a more accelerated experience. I create a safe environment where couples feel comfortable to explore relational issues and emotional wounds that cannot be discussed fully in shorter sessions.  Intensives also provide time to create new experiences where a couple can get a "felt sense" of how they can interact in more loving and satisfying ways.




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